“Reminiscence” is an initiation journey; it is the woman’s movement to her interior as a way to express her truly being. The start point is the letter that every woman writes to herself in a moment of her life. 


The scenery is an attic; a simile to that place of the mind where the experiences and the memories that form the story are saved. In that moment, in just an instant, she relives the most significant ones, images that seem to preserve the original colour and instants that still stimulate the senses. Each image invites to join the inner thoughts and emotions that go along with the experience, the process of reflection as a way of self knowledge.


Menstruation, sexuality, learning, love, commitment, pregnancy, creativity, maturity, death and rebirth, times in which, more or less, every woman can recognize herself and grow from the common bond. Understanding that the story goes beyond the personal experience, or that the encounter enriches and accompanies. On the other hand, observation without judgement leads to acceptance, to inner peace, not from the idea of having a fate, but from own choices recognition, from the opportunity of living each experience from the inner truth or from the external conditions.


As a tarot card, it represents not a forced future that cannot be avoided, but a present full of possibilities where the future is created. And as the architect of her own life, arrives the “momentum” in which she decides to die to what she has been until that moment to be someone new, reborn, at peace with the past, loving what she is in the present and free to create her future.